Review: Loews Hotel, Nashville, TN

Written by Mark McElroy

While the staff is friendly and professional, the Loews Hotel Vanderbilt (Nashville) falls short of the quality and polish normally associated with the Loews brand.

In our room, peeling wallpaper, broken closet doors, and a broken shower curtain rod (previously repaired by wedging shards of tile between the rod and the wall) gave the property an atmosphere more like a low-end discount chain than an high-end luxury hotel.

Be aware, too, that all services are a la carte here. In addition to the fee charged for the room, you will pay $25.00 per day for parking and an additional $25.00 per day for Internet access. (Bottles of water and snacks sold in-room for $5.00 each or higher can be had from the Rite-Aid one block away for a few cents apiece.)

If you’re on an expense account, you can use your employer’s dollars to purchase more genuine comfort at more reasonable rates at many properties in Nashville. If you’re spending your own money, you’d be foolish to pay these rates for substandard rooms. Not recommended.

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