We Found Puerto Rico’s Best Guide: Carlos

Written by Mark McElroy

Here’s the scoop: if Carlos is available, book him, trust him, and prepare for a perfect day with the island’s most enthusiastic and energetic guide.

Our well-traveled family of nine knows the value of good local guides. After reading good reviews of Carlos on Trip Advisor, we were happy to be able to book him for three days.

Carlos does what every great guide does: he helps you make the most of your limited time. What’s open? Im what order should you visit these three sites? What’s the easiest way to get from A to B at this time of day? Where can you get an affordable local lunch and get better food than those touristy restaurants serve?

More than this, though, Carlos has a personality as big as Puerto Rico. He is animated, enthusiastic, and passionate about sharing the island with you. He knows the history, and can bring it to life. He delights the kids with his antics (converting lizards into earrings, for example). He carries a camera along, snapping photos of you and the places you visit, so that even people who are usually behind the camera show up in the vacation photos!

Carlos knows everyone, and everyone knows Carlos. Thanks to his connections and friends, we had experiences we simply couldn’t have arranged ourselves — like the afternoon we spent in the home of a local sculptor, sampling homemade rum and playing dominoes. (Carlos happened up on the fellow in the street, and snagged us an invitation.)

We are a big group, and Carlos engaged everyone, from our 84 year-old father to our sixteen year-old nephew. Our meals with him — at a local barbecue joint, at the Guavate roast pork festival — were some of our most memorable. And the itineraries he created for us — especially our day at Guavate and trek into the nearby mountains and forest — were perfect, taking everyone’s interests and abilities into consideration.

Carlos is among the best of the guides we’ve worked with during our travels. I recommend him without hesitation. Book him now, before someone else does!

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