Dinner with the Little Prince

Written by Mark McElroy

After walking up an appetite on Amsterdam’s chilly streets, nothing sounded better to us than spicy Thai food.

Technology is our friend: a quick check of entries at and Google confirmed that the highest-rated Thai food within walking distance of the hotel was Little Thai Prince, a cozy eatery packed with locals and suffused with warm, golden light.

Given the freezing cold weather, we were happy for a table by the kitchen’s sizzling heat. Minutes after ordering, we were tucking into rich, savory, spicy gai pad prik and sweet, peanutty pad thai.

The conversation at adjoining tables proved amusing (the actor complaining that no one ever appreciates his talents, and the family apparently having disciplinary issues with their drama queen of a daughter), but the star of the show was the food — the fifth best Thai food on the planet (topped only by Thai House in Jackson, MS; Sailor Thai in Sydney, Australia; Sawasdee Thai in Vancouver, Canada; and Atlanta’s Drink Art).

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