Lake Champlain Chocolates (Burlington, VT)

Written by Mark McElroy

You can’t possibly visit Burlington, Vermont, without strolling Church Street, and you can’t possibly stroll down Church Street without at least sticking your head in the door of Lake Champlain Chocolates.

Just inside the door, the jolly employees stack newly made mounds of fudge into wooden bins (where they look, at first glance, like enormous, textured, freshly-baked loaves of bread). On a table in the foreground, you’ll find caramel apples (dipped in chocolate, of course, and rolled in chopped nuts) that break the “Never eat anything bigger than your head” rule.

And then there’s the case: at least eighteen feet of truffles, clusters, cups, and bark. After browsing the bewildering selection, we pick up sea salt caramels, peppermint and dark chocolate cups, dark chocolate almond bark, and a surprise for Mom.

We walk back outside, where the seven degree weather is whipped into a savage force by wind off Lake Champlain — and I realize I should have gotten hot chocolate to go!

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