Is It Safe to Visit Mexico?

Written by Mark McElroy

Mention we’re going to Mexico City, and we get one of two reactions.

If someone is well-traveled, he or she will likely say, “Oh, you’re going to have a wonderful time.”

If someone hasn’t traveled much (and most Americans haven’t), he or she is far more likely to say, “Why on earth would you go to Mexico? You’ll be kidnapped! It’s so dangerous!”

Mexico has dangerous places. (So does the U.S.) But the drug-related violence — almost exclusively committed by Mexicans against other Mexicans — is concentrated in the border towns. Avoiding Mexico City because of drug violence in Juarez makes about as much sense as not going to New York City because of gang violence in Los Angeles.

But the question remains: is Mexico safe? The truth is this: like any other place, Mexico will serve up whatever you go looking for. If you’re looking for trouble — if you’re buying illegal drugs or getting so drunk you compromise your ability to take care of yourself — your visit to Mexico will likely bring you trouble.

But if you you come to Mexico looking for castles with a view:


Or incredible meals:


Or the world’s largest pyramid:


Or dynamic streets packed with joyful locals:


Or tranquil public parks:


Or creative restaurants and shopping centers:

Or one of the planet’s best bed and breakfasts:


Well, then … you’ll find these things instead, and your visit to Mexico will bring you joy.

Don’t let rumors, hyped-up stories of violence on the news, or (worse!) other people’s fears dictate where you go and what you do. Mexico is as safe as you make it — so embrace the adventure and go!

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