Should You Go to Frida Khalo’s House? (Mexico City)

Written by Mark McElroy

If you go to Mexico City, going to Frida Kahlo’s house (see the dreadful website) is considered one of those “must do’s” — so, like it or not, you’re probably going to have to go there.

That said: I’m apparently in the minority of visitors who think this attraction is grossly over-rated. Yes, Frida’s story is compelling, and the Blue House offers a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into how the artist lived during the final years of her life.

Unfortunately, the attraction is so crowded that anyone arriving after the 10:00 a.m. opening time (despite purchasing tickets in advance) is going to have a claustrophobic experience. To maximize profits, the staff packs people into the house so tightly, we could barely wiggle, much less see what we came to see. In fact, half-way through the tour, we spotted an exit and ducked out early.

Truth is, there’s little of Frida’s work on display here — and the pieces that are on display here are described by critics who know more than I do as her “minor works.” And if you want to photograph your trek through Frida’s home, you’ll have to buy a “photo license” to do it — an almost useless investment on crowded days, since most photos you’ll take will be marred by the heads and bodies of passing strangers.

If you’re interested in Frida’s art, visit the Museo de Arte Moderno to see more than 300 of her major works. If you’re interested in her life, see the 2002 film Frida on Netflix. Either way, you’ll see more of Frida than you will when herded through her house with hundreds of gawking strangers. Not recommended.

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