If Money is No Object – Plaza Grande (Quito, Ecuador)

Written by Mark McElroy

Right up front: we have never spent the night in the Plaza Grande, a splendidly polished historic hotel right smack in the middle of Independence Square.

We did visit during a lunch stop, though, and we were impressed with the old world charm and general warmth of the place. The Plaza Grande incorporates the first house built in Quito in the 16th Century, and during its 500-year existence has served as a mansion for some of Quito’s most exclusive families.


With three different kinds of suites (from the very nice Plaza View rooms right up through the opulent Presidential Suite) and two exquisite on-site restaurants (see our review of the Cafe Plaza Grande), this is definitely the place to stay if you’re looking for a luxury option.

Rooms are limited, and, during our stay, nights at the Plaza Grande were going for between $300 and $400 USD. In keeping with our preferences for affordable luxury, we elected to stay at the Casa El Eden B&B, where, for a third or a fourth of that price, we enjoyed expansive and well-decorated rooms and were treated like kings by the lovely owners.

Long story short: if opulence and central location top your list, go Plaza Grande. If local warmth and generosity mean more to you, go with Casa El Eden.

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