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Segway Tours Volendam

Yes, it’s touristy. And yes, I loved it.

We glided down brick streets, passing orderly rows of houses with red roofs and pointed gables. We sped along narrow paths in the Dutch countryside, where plump sheep grazed on vivid clumps of grass. Silent as ghosts, we drifted through the streets of Edam, past the quaint shops stocked with wax-covered cheese, pausing for a hot coffee at a corner cafe.

Nothing says “Tourist!” like speeding through the streets on a Segway. I confess, though, I really love zipping through the streets on these electric two-wheeled vehicles, and there are few places on the planet offering more pleasant, scenic Segway tours than Segway Tours Volendam.

The variety of settings — local streets, upscale neighborhoods, marshy moors, open fields, nature trails, windmills, seaside promenades, and picturesque Edam — make this tour unique. You’ll see far more of Volendam than you ever could just walking around on your own, and, thanks to the unobstructed views from the Segways, you’ll be more deeply immersed in the scenery than you could ever be from a car or bus. 

Our polite, enthusiastic young guide apologized for his lack of English (in truth, his English was much better than my Dutch!), but I think the lack of a running commentary gave our afternoon a silent sweetness that made the experience even more magical.

“Training” — getting used to a Segway — takes all of fifteen minutes. One hour and ninety-minute tours are on the menu, but ours lasted almost two hours, and we loved every minute. You can do this — and you should!

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