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Indulge Fusion Food and Cocktail Bar (Bangkok, Thailand)

Written by Mark McElroy

Easily accessed, approachable, and affordable, Indulge is one of my Bangkok favorites for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

We’re eating at Indulge, where the “bomp-bomp-bomp” of the house music is just loud enough to be heard over the patio mist machine and the happy chatter from other diners. We can have a conversation here, where, after a day in Bangkok’s tropical humidity, sucking down a local beer or a massive, iced-down gin and tonic feels like pouring a soul back into your exhausted body.

Awash in the churning traffic near the Terminal 21 shopping complex and overshadowed by the raised concrete platforms of the SkyTrain, Indulge offers a chilly, sleek refuge from the mad rush of the Sukhumvit neighborhood. With its intimate low ceilings, soft lighting, and color palette composed of icy whites, volcanic grays, and lemongrass greens, Indulge has been a favorite haunt of ours for the past three years.

The kitchen offers Eastern and Western favorites kissed with Thai spice and artfully arranged on the plate. I can’t get enough of the steaming, glow-in-your-mouth lemongrass chicken served over mango slaw, served drizzled with flaming whiskey:

American friends who join us here also love the respectable Wagu beef burger (topped with a heap of caramelized onions and tucked into a house-baked bun) and the seafood gumbo (weighty with shrimp, calamari, and huge chunks of sea bass).

Up early? If you’re feeling lonesome for home, order the Farmer’s Breakfast (eggs your way, grilled bacon, sausage, potatoes, toast, and coffee) or the salted caramel pancakes, but if you’re adventurous, try dipping fat slices of fresh bread into the Green Shashouka — two baked eggs swimming in the chef’s secret recipe green tomatillo sauce.

For a Thai twist on a more familiar dish, order the red curry chicken and waffles:

With its genuinely friendly staff — all smiles, this bunch, and very eager to help you make good choices — the casual, come as you add dress code, and entree prices ranging from $10.00 to $25.00, tiny little Indulge has become one of our go-to joints, no matter where we’re staying in Bangkok. Don’t miss it.

Indulge Fusion Food and Cocktail Bar
407 Sukhumvit Road between Sukhumvit Road 21 and 23 Sukhumvit Neighborhood, Bangkok, Thailand

Take the SkyTrain to Asoke Station, then follow the elevated SkyWalk to Exit 6 (across the pedestrian-unfriendly Asok Montri Road), then descend the stairs; Indulge is located in the Sukhumvit Suites hotel. Access the restaurant from the hotel’s front entrance (right at the stairs coming down from the SkyWalk) or the front of the restaurant along Sukhumvit Street. Dress ranges from casual to Millennials in fancy club wear, so just be yourself.

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